MUST READ MAGAZINE for All Female Leaders

A magazine that I love more than I love Vogue and Porter, Propel launches in 2015 and believes in the passion, purpose and potential of every woman everywhere. It exist to honor the calling of every woman, empower her to lead, equip her for success and develop a sense of God driven purpose.

Don’t you just love it already? A magazine that CARES about YOU, as a unique individual who has unique passion, unique purpose of what you’re called to be doing in life, and your amazing potential that will to empower you as a successful leader whereever you are posted in life! And they want to propel you forward even higher than you’ve ever been! I think that’s a pretty UHHMAZING mission don’t you think? Totes should check ’em out!

And so I just found out about their digital magazine few days ago (which I embedded here below), and I LOVE the contents even more. It is filled with personal stories, articles, and leadership wisdom from different women leading in all spheres of life. And what I love most? not only their Instagram posts are super inspiring, beautiful, relevant and stylish, but the messages they share truly go beyond today’s affairs.

Lovechild of the amazing Christine Caine (also founder of The A21 Campaign), I really think you should follow them on Instagram @propelwomen and also check out the magazine below and get propelled now!