Why I Started This Brand
To be honest, I’m such a sucker for pretty things and I figured so does every other women! I think women are very generally emotively tactile creatures who are easily affected by touch and feel. We don’t feel ecstatic when receiving an e-invitation, but we get giggly when we receive a gorgeous paper invitation in our real mailbox!
Paper triggers a certain sense of emotive quality that electronic cards are solely lacking in warmth and emotional connection, which essentially a very human aspect. At the end of the day, we love being able to touch things and feel it in our fingers. Especially pretty little things…
Paper Provision started as a greeting card line, but soon my love for art, fashion, interior and graphic design paved the way for the brand to transition into an interior prints line.
Ever since I was little I’ve always had this dream of going inside people’s beautiful homes and I realized I LOVE being surrounded by beauty which makes me feel most inspired and motivated to get stuff done.
Why does our surrounding matter so much?
I believe our space is a sacred place where we play, dream, style, edit, work and create things that matter for the good of others. Thus, as tomorrow’s influencers I believe in hustling in an aesthetically pleasing work and living space that inspires our best work.
I chanced upon an opportunity in 2015 for a startup in Melbourne. Fused with my love for the fashion scene and my design background, Paper Provision became a platform for inspirational and trendy paper goods.
I wanted the brand to feel like the highly coveted ‘it-girl’ style you’re drawn to; a brand that is effortlessly stylish with a lashing of wit and fun — a bold mix between Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo.
I believe when we make the discerning choice to buy what we ascertain to a ‘trendy’ product, it’s a reflection of our lifestyle choice and preferences that inadvertently make us feel good. I aim to make desirable products that inspire people in their day-to-day and romance the human spirit.
In essence, Paper Provision is all about inspiring dreams and seizing it; to evoke individuals to dream a little more and a little bigger; a life of splendor and luxury and what life may offer and what it could be…
Written by Cathy Fransisca
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