My Why (Founder Story)

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My Why (Founder Story)
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Ah, where do I start?

Growing up in a strict traditional Asian household felt like being snuggled in a tight embrace of cultural roots. Modesty was the holy grail of fashion, and my mom was the reigning stylist queen—whether I vibed with her choices or not. Think awkward outfits sans my personality. Can anyone relate? #MomKnowsBestButNotAlways

But life took a chic turn when I hit Melbourne for Uni. Suddenly, I was immersed in a world of self-discovery and killer streetwear.

Melbourne Fashion Street Style

From punk rock rebellion to vintage elegance, people wore their personalities like badges of honour. It was the beginning of my style evolution amidst a vibrant fashion narrative.

And let's not forget my love affair with art. Discovering trendy and motivational art prints was a total game-changer. Scrolling through Insta and seeing those aesthetic wall gallery in trendy homes? Talk about #HomeDecorGoals! It was like unlocking a visual realm of freedom and beauty I never knew I craved.

Instagram homes collage

At my parents’ house back home? It's a different story. The walls are adorned with family photos, degrees, and some Chinese calligraphy paintings that are like, “Hello, traditional vibes!” And let’s talk about my room makeover each visit - we’re talking walls painted in hues far from my ideal palette, and decor pieces that aren’t exactly my vibe. Don't get me wrong, I respect Mom's domain, but every girl needs her space to truly reflect herself, right? Can I get an amen? 🙌

"Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and everytime you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself."

Nina Garcia

To me the the clothes we wear and the things we choose to surround ourselves with are like the unsung heroes of self-expression; They're your silent storyteller. No words needed, just pure emotion. And TBH, I craved a space where my voice could shine without anyone else's vibes crashing the party. 💫

So when the opportunity arose to blend my two loves—fashion and art—into a business, I was all in. I had a vision for a brand that goes beyond just aesthetics; it's about delving deep into your creative essence and embracing what truly resonates with you.

And voilà, Paper Provision was born—curated aesthetic interior paper goods ready to ignite your unique individuality. Whether you're refining your signature style or transforming your space, we're here to back you up all the way #PaperProvision #FashionMeetsArt

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